On top of Fox Glacier on New Zealand's Southern Alps = YES!

Rare, beautiful & totally worth it!

I knew I would marry her the moment we met. Not just a fairy tale, this stuff actually happens! 

Honestly I never knew I was a romantic until that point and when I approached the time I wanted to propose, I knew it would be a very special event on that Kiwi glacier deserving of an equally special engagement ring. 

On entering the world of engagement rings, this man was overwhelmed with options and at the end of it ,the only thing that appeared different between them all was the price tag. As is usual for me I like to take a different approach to most and my search soon deviated to rare, unique and truly custom stones from all over the globe and soon the Blue Paraiba was all I could focus on. The next step - just finding one!

I wont bore you with further soppy engagement ring romance but this is how my love of cars evolved. Find something special, something unique and something worthy of attention and love. Ultimately this pays off in strides and the only regret you have is giving them up. 

From time to time we'll sell cars here, land, a home or two in the future and perhaps some other fine acquisitions along the way. If you don't love what is presented then easy, move along, but if you do, and its still available, reach out and lets share the passion that brought us here to begin with.

For what its worth, I'll never give up my lady.


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