Mechanics and Function

Sure-footed, immensely powerful and supremely rewarding

Mechanically I have no issues whatsoever with this car. It has routine services and is booked for its next service (‘B’ service) now. Should any issues arise with that, and it is doubtful, they will be taken care of at that time. 

There are no fault codes showing, either before or after the minor incident and everything from front to back, top to bottom function as a new car and certainly belies its meagre 43,500 miles of travel.

He starts immediately, even after sitting for reasonable periods, and without rattles or smoke. He settles to a clean idle quickly and heats to operating temperature without hesitation. Acceleration is smooth and effortless with a subdued turbo whine accompanying the V8 growl, all while the brakes haul him in efficiently and without vibration. 

All wheels are perfectly aligned and balanced to zero. The ride can be harsh on rough roads, however this can be blamed on the massive wheels and low profile tires. At highway speeds (and above) they are terrifically smooth and quiet. The steering is straight and true, even under heavy braking, yet very well balanced with electromagnetic assistance.

The original stainless exhaust remains and is free of leaks and rattles. There is a terrific note on full throttle and an aftermarket exhaust may just be the ticket if you like that sort of thing.

This machine cuts an imposing figure at speed and standing still and is a car I look back at every time I park. 

I hope you enjoy reading about our CLS and if you would like to know more or have something additional to contribute, then by all means reach out. Clearly he is for sale and genuine buyers are welcome to visit for a look. I guarantee though that the first visitor will make space in their garage! Of course should interstate delivery be required, I am happy to oblige!

2012 Mercedes Benz CLS550 RWD

Launch Edition

1 of 60

43,500 Miles

$35000 USD in Chicago