The Interior Living Room

Pristine leather, dark wood and an air of superiority.

As far as the interior goes, well there isn’t a nicer place to be. Step in, relax and feel at home! The leather coddles you yet feels firm and supportive in all the right places. The memory functions serve the seats’ multitude of controls, mirrors and also steering wheel height. Press the brake, push the Keyless Go start button and the whole glorious symphony comes to life. 

The dashboard and instrument illumination are currently set to a moody blue and can be adjusted to various colors as you wish. The instruments are clear and precise, while all displays and functions operate as they should.

The Sirius satellite radio, CD and regular radio broadcast without interruption and is splendid in sound clarity, something Harmon Kardon and the fourteen speakers can be proud of. Don't tell my wife but it puts the Range Rover to shame!

Other than a small blemish near the front of the drivers seat squab, the remainder of the Porcelain and black leather is perfect. No scratches, no tears and certainly no stains. The same can be said for the black carpet, headlining and other trim. The rear seats fold (almost) flat and are a major convenience feature we enjoyed. The carpet overmats bearing the Edition 1 embroidery are no longer in the car as they have been replaced with a full set of WeatherTech mats, including the trunk liner. The Edition 1 drivers mat has a small amount of wear where the heel rests in normal driving but has not worn through and the others are simply like new.

All the wood trim, this car has special dark ash panels, including the steering wheel trim, is in perfect shape. Not a blemish to be seen. There is leather everywhere in this car and it too is unsurprising perfect and receives liberal doses of top quality leather treatments. None of that shiny sticky rubbish inside here!

All the plastic fittings for the trim work, vanity mirrors, glove compartment etc, are all like new and function accordingly, without rattles and squeaks. The trunk release and closing features operate reliably and the moonroof is leak free. The air blows cold, seat heating and cooling does exactly that and the massage function is truly addictive. Dynamic seat controls are AMG features and are the best invention since the V8 engine!

The AMG style pedals have minor wear, exactly 43K miles worth I guess while the shifter controls, in the console and paddles on the steering wheel, seem barely touched. There are cupholders, storage bins, a refrigerated glove compartment, a heated steering wheel just in case you forget your driving gloves and an information center detailing everything you need to know regarding the cars current status. The satellite navigation is very accurate and operates faultlessly and in sync with the Bluetooth functions. Incidentally, I have an Android phone and connection has never been an issue.

Please review the options list for some of the other unique features but you can expect to see self parking features, radar guided cruise control (Distronic), lane assist functions with steering feedback, rain sensing wipers auto adjusting and dimming high/low beam lights, LED’s Bi-Xenon, keyless entry, internal garage door remotes, easy ingress and exit features, voice controls, privacy blind… the list just goes on and on.

All the tools are present along with the spare wheel, and we even have an additional full size Launch edition rim as spares – one for the front and one for the back. While not being driven he is stored in our heated and dry garage as mentioned but is also covered with a heavy duty cover when parked clean and dry. This too is included.