Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Is this all wheel drive?

No. The 4MATIC was available in the Launch Edition and sold mainly through the snow belt of North America. Exact numbers of these are not available however appear to be more prolific than RWD

Do the rear seats fold flat?

They do fold as a split 60/40 but unfortunately not completely flat. They do rise a little when the backs are lowered as they sit on the seat base. There is not an option to tilt the seat base as in SUV’s.

Is it economical?

Well that depends on how you drive it! It has two turbos, massive amounts of torque and a smile inducing growl on throttle. If you drive with your high speed senses engaged then it won’t be economical at all, however in daily city driving and long open road drives it is surprisingly frugal. Hunting for twisty roads is more frequent than hunting for a gas station.

Is it quiet?

One thing Mercedes Benz does well is to make a cossetting interior. From the thud of the door closing to the 14 speaker Harmon Kardon sound system everything is designed to be non-intrusive. Like all cars there is some road noise but speaking at a normal tone can be understood by all passengers. There is absolutely no need to turn up the volume to have a calm waft down the freeway. The engine is barely audible at idle and a deep growl at full throttle is welcomed, as is the whistle of the turbos as you rapidly breach the speed limit.

Is it reliable?

All cars are reliable until they break down. As this beauty has never failed us I can say hand on heart that it is supremely reliable – as you would expect. With a full service history and cared for by a driver known to be a sympathetic pilot of race cars, there is not a doubt in my mind that this will be reliable for decades to come. My personal opinion, of which most of this write up is, is that the breaking point of any modern car, even one that is cared for such as this, will be electronic gremlins not the fault of any individual or action. A curse of technology pure and simple. If maintained and kept in a moderate environment, those potential issues may never come.

Has it been on a race track?

I have a business that sees me at race tracks often but by your question do you mean has it been driven in anger on a circuit or course? The answer is no. Tell-tale signs of this are usually fine pitting of the forward facing surfaces – glass, headlights, paint and plastics. This car has none of that and honestly I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place if it did.


What issues, cosmetic or otherwise does it have? Continue being truthful!

Of course! Even a car off the showroom has faults, I see them! This CLS is no different, especially as it is after all a used car. I will break it down into basic areas and some of these I may have mentioned in the write up.

Paint & Body – there are some very small stone chips on the front bumper and bonnet. None larger than a match head and all are barely noticeable. I will try and identify them and load to the gallery images on the next bright day. In total there might be five or six and if they have broken the topcoat they will appear undercoat white. None have been touched up with filler paint.

Wheels and tires – As mentioned the tires are near new and certainly have 90%+ remaining. One wheel has a small scrape of the edge, perhaps an inch long and is the result of rolling through a Chicago pothole **##@!

Interior – Not unsurprisingly the drivers seat has seen the most action and has a small area of discoloration near the front of the base squab. This is can be seen on close inspection and does not show in photos. On one of the rear seat backs, an area only seen when the seat is down, a small area of stitching has frayed and I suspect it is due to the leather rubbing as it is raised and lowered.

Mechanical – nothing to note

Drivetrain – nothing to note

Electrical – nothing to note

Glass & exterior trim – perfect, nothing to note

Glass & interior trim – perfect, nothing to note

Accessories – There is a small wear patch on the drivers Edition 1 carpet overmat from heel location

You say it has Keyless Go, does it still have keys?

Yes it still has keys, two masters in fact. Keyless Go is awesome. Leave the key in your pocket or purse and you can still lock and unlock the car via the buttons on the doors and trunk and you simply put your foot on the brake and push the button on the dash to start the car. Simple, effective and genius. Oh and you can’t lock the key in the car because it has a kind of proximity sensor or geofence within the cabin and trunk. 


Are the windows tinted?

 No. They retain the factory UV filters but no aftermarket tint. 

Is it aftermarket chipped or tuned?

Nope. Completely unmolested and factory!

Can I have it inspected?

Of course. So long as you organise a reputable company, preferably Mercedes Benz or an experienced MB company, and it doesn’t leave my sight! While I am at it, test pilots don’t bother asking. Unless you come through this inquiry and appear to be a genuine buyer, test drives will not be permitted. We are all too busy to cater to your boy racer dreams. Besides, the car is clean and under a dust cover.

Why are you selling if it is so special?

Simply put, if a car is not being used and you pay the City of Chicago money just to have it sitting in a garage waiting for a sunny afternoon drive, and you pay insurance and maintenance for those rare occasions while it takes up an expensive underground heated carpark, well, you may as well sell it and buy a black E63 Wagon with red interior instead. I do wish the CLS63 Shooting Brake came to America…

Will you take a trade?

 Unless you have the car described above or something equally as sexy then no.