Exterior Detail

Its the appearance that grabs you, and it has to be perfect... 

As minor as the exterior blemishes were, we did want to sparkle him up a bit and returning home from the theater one night we had exactly that opportunity. An assumed drunk driver misjudged the center of the road and decided to take out the drivers mirror and scratched the same side. As furious and upset as I was, it certainly could have been much worse and my wife and I were unscathed. The imbecile that caused the incident took off and presumable got away with it, only the insurance investigator knows.

Moving on, a very good paint shop that I have a relationship with, and MB certified, undertook the job and produced outstanding results. I have included accident photos in the gallery and highlighted the areas concerned and of course the end result is what you see now. An upsetting saga but nothing structural or permanent came of it. I challenge you to find any evidence of the event at all.

With usual driving things just do happen and to that there are a half dozen or so small stone chips to the front end – again highlighted in the gallery, and there is a small pothole scrape on one wheel. 

All glass is perfect and without blemish. All trim is in place, again unmarked. I did however have the awful ‘blue efficiency’ badges removed from the front fenders. Lord knows why they put them there! Lights, signals etc function perfectly and with the exception of one wheel, all others are perfect. Michelin Pilot Sport II tires (295 x 30 x 19 and 275 x 35 x 19) are near new with ~1000 miles on them. This CLS also has a lift function to avoid scraping the front bar and undershields on steep driveways, a cool additional and worthy feature.

The condition of this car is undoubtedly a two, points off only for the 43k miles travelled and a few stone chips. Not bad at all.